onsdag 24 juni 2009


If you're looking for manly, well designed military grade bags, KILLSPENCER makes the bags for you. Hand crafted in flame retardant nylon, specially coated canvas & waterproof tarpaulin, with super nice features such as waterproof riri zippers and military-issue quick-release cobra buckles.

Spencer Nikosey, creator of KILLSPENCER, about his designs: "The inspiration developed naturally. "I spent a lot of time at the American Military museum sketching tanks and trucks, to understand their form and functionality." (taken from Valet)

Euro 362:- (Sek 3990:-)

Euro 318:- (Sek 3499:-)

Euro 453:- (Sek 4990:-)

Euro 453:- (Sek 4990:-)

Euro 317:- (Sek 3490:-)

Euro 271:- (Sek 2990:-)

Euro 271:- (Sek 2990:-

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