torsdag 2 juli 2009

Get your gears fixed

Sunny days like this are perfect for bike riding, so why not stop by the store to get your ride equipped with some ultra high quality leather gear?
Brooks, long time makers of bicycle equipment, produce some of the finest leather goods there is. With a history dating back to 1878, Brooks has perfected the art of saddle-making. As these beautiful and extremely comfortable saddles and grips are made with vegetable tanned leather, not only are they eviromentally friendly, but they will become comfier and look better and better as the years go by. Knowledge comes with experience, as we can tell by the smart and very good looking trouser straps.

Grips: Sek 799:-, Saddle: Sek 1299:- and trouser straps: Sek 199:-

While you're at it, why not get a new outfit for yourself?

Yesterday we recieved this perfect summer oxford from classic american brand Dockers. Available in blue, white and pink and retails at a bargain of Sek 599:-

If you're more of a T-shirt fan, we still have a few sizes left of the Chicas #2 tee from Norse Projects. Get it while you still can! Sek 450:-

We also got the great D2 slacks with the Dockers shipment and we can guarantee they will look fantastic with the trouser straps. Sek 799:-

Top it all of pair of brown Sebago Docksiders and this really good belt from british label Folk and you're ready to hit the streets! Docksiders: Sek 1199:- Folk Young belt Sek 599:-

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