torsdag 23 juli 2009

Well... blue then

Another in store only brand at C this season is Whyred. Whyred was founded by former H&M employees Roland Hjort, Lena Patriksson & Jonas Clason and released their first menswear collection in 1999. Whyred takes their inspiration from the music & art scenes, particularly the 1960's mod scene. The name Whyred is derived from an interview conducted with Hjort's grandfather, expressionist artist Sven X:et Erixson. X:et was asked what his favourite color was. He replied red. Why red? asked the journalist. Well... Blue then, he countered.

From the S/S 2009 collection we picked up these classic Americana pieces:

The Casual & cool plaid Colin shirts (Euro 121:-, Sek 1299:-)

The nice button down Cornet shirt (Euro 84:-, Sek 899:-)

The fantastic De Backer blazer in cyan blue colored oxford cotton (Euro 260:-, Sek 2799:-)

The very well washed Dogman denim jacket (Euro 149:-, Sek 1599:-)

The well fitting Allen tee (Euro 37:-, Sek 399:-)

The superb Cornelis jacket (Euro 232:-, Sek 2499:-) in the same oxford fabric as the blazer.

Just like with the Folk pieces we felt that we should treat you to a 20% discount on these great items!

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