onsdag 19 augusti 2009


Medicom hits us for the 18th time with a fantastic series of be@rbricks & along with them we recieved some great new collabo's in the 400% & 100% sizes.

The Series 18 is comprised of an assortment of 10 different designs plus an unknown number of hidden designs. get 2 pieces for € 9.9:- (sek 99:-) & hope for the least common ones! get the in store @ C or online @ Caliroots.com

This is the 400% Tokidoki collab.

Tokidoki is the japanese word for sometimes & was picked by Japanophile designer Simone Legno for his web based diary/portfolio. Among its many followers, the founders of Los Angeles based Hard Candy cosmetics. After a brief email introduction, Legno found himself booked on a plane bound from Rome for L.A. & Tokidoki turned in to a full blown design brand. The L.A. Robber is their second collaboration with Be@brick & features the heavily otaku inspired, colorful & fun aestethic that we always see in Tokidoki products. € 79:- (Sek 799:-) in store @ C or online @ Caliroots.com

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