lördag 29 augusti 2009

A Sundried Youth

This week just keeps getting more & more exciting! As promised we reiceved the first pieces from the Fall/ Winter 2009 Our Legacy collection. Fantastically well tailored shirts, great knitwear & jackets & awesome leather accesories.

Here's a peak at some of the items:

Corduroy blazer € 249:- (Sek 2499:-)
1940's Button down flannel shirt € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)

Norwegian Knit € 139:- (Sek 1399:-)
1940's Button Down oxford shirt € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)

Bomber V-neck € 119:- (Sek 1199:-)
1940's Button Down pinstripe oxford shirt € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)

We thought it would be nice to show you how well the 1940's button down shirt fits:

More detailed pictures & info on Monday. Stay tuned!

Our Legacy is so far only available in store @ the C Store. For inquiries, please email cstoreconcept@gmail.com or info@caliroots.se

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