torsdag 17 september 2009

Fit of the week

This week we've been all about layering high tech gear with mountaineer styled clothing as the weather just keeps getting colder. this is a great look for those coming autumn days when you feel the crisp polar breeze.

Norse Chunky Knit Cardigan € 179:- (Sek 1799:-)
Rogues Gallery Clifton Shirt € 75:- (Sek 799:-)
Our Legacy 1940's BD oxford shirt € 110:- (Sek 1099:-) (in store only)
Levis x OriginalFake 1947 105XX € 349:- (Sek 3499:-)
ShoFolk Harry € 175 (Sek 1799:-)
Killspencer Special Ops Back Pack € 269:- (Sek 2990:-)

(click picture for full size)

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