måndag 21 september 2009

Indigofera A/W 2009 Denim

As we already posted last week swedish denim brand Indigofera have delivered their autumn collection. This is only their second collection but they have already managed to make quite a name for themselves in the denim world.
Mats Andersson & Johan Söderlund, who are the brains behind Indigofera, both have a very long past in the denim business with Edwin & LVC. They launched Indigofera as they were convinced there was a void in the denim market that needed to be filled. The main focus is on quality & insane detailing for the truly passionate denim-nerd. Most of the fabrics used are japanese & the washes are all hand made in Italy.

Here's a look at some of the jeans, Click pictures for full size:

This is how great a washed pair of jeans can look if you choose the exact right fabric & have them distressed by the artisans at an italian laundry. Clint Clear Blue Wash € 175:- (Sek 1799:-)

For every season, Indigofera flex their muscles by making a very limited & special pair of jeans. For this season they made the pitch black Clint. These jeans are made with unwashed gunpowder dyed japanese selvage denim & feature great details like peekaboo coinpocket selvage, hidden back pocket rivets & offset back belt loop. Clint LTD Gunpowder Unwash € 240 (Sek 2499:-)

Here's an affordable version of last seasons ultra-limited 10K Clint. Made with japanese selvage denim with a signature double red line, this is a great pair of everyday beaters complete with peekaboo coinpocket selvage, offset beltloop & a nice V-stitch at the top button. Clint Selvage Unwashed € 145:- (Sek 1499:-)

This is the Murphy model. A very nice vintage model with a true 1930's silhouette complete with crotch rivet & cinch back. Made with the same double red line selvage denim as the clint, they also feature the peekaboo coin pocket selvage. Murphy Selvage Unwashed € 145:- (Sek 1499:-)

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