onsdag 14 oktober 2009

Fit of the week

As the elk hunting season started on monday, we thought it would be nice to give you an outfit inspired by the woodsmen and hunters that roam our forests this time of the year.

Click picture to get a closer look
Norse 5-panel Hat € 45:- (Sek 499:-)
LVC Donkey Wool Jacket € 450:- (Sek 4499:-)
Wood Wood Hans Sweater € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)
LVC 30's Sportswear Shawl Collar € 179:- (Sek 1799:-)
Rogues Gallery Clifton Shirt € 75:- (Sek 799:-)
Ransom Chino Workpant € 99:- (Sek 999:-) (in store only)
Wood Wood Tote Bag € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)
Folk People Gloves € 59:- (Sek 599:-)
Tanner Goods Slim Standard Belt € 59:- (Sek 599:-)
Dr Martens X Stussy Deluxe Tyler Shoes € 169:- (Sek 1799:-)

This outfit is of course just as useful and good looking in the kind of urban enviroment that we are more used to.

If you don't live in Stockholm & have further inquiries regarding the Ransom pants, please call us or send an e-mail to cstoreconcept@gmail.com

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