tisdag 27 oktober 2009

New Work

The infamous A-Ron the downtown don is back with a new line of T-shirts entitled New Work. this time he has teamed up with six of his favourite artist friends to each create a t-shirt depicting some of their most recent work.

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Jack Walls is an infamous figure in the Downtown scene, life time companion & muse of the late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, he has been a fixed figure in the hip art world of New York since the early 80's. For his 50th birthday, Ryan McGinley made him 500 hand drawn balloons with Jack's most classic expressions. "What did my pussy ever do to you" is one of them.

New Work Jack Walls Balloon tee € 45:- (Sek 450:-)

Adam McEwen is a british artist who is mostly known for his Obituary series, where he wrote obituaries for celebrities still living such as Kate Moss & Maculay Culkin. The Text Message series is McEwen's take on haiku poetry.

New Work Adam McEwen Text Messaging tee € 45:- (Sek 499:-)

New York based artist Aaron Young continues the traditions of Jackson Pollock but on a much larger scale. His work often involves motorcycles, skateboards and giant amounts of paint.

New Work Aaron Young Greeting Card tee
€ 45:- (Sek 499:-)

Canadian born Aurel Schmidt has lived and worked in New York since 2005. Her intensly detailed paintings are almost always made up of countless different things melting together into somthing different. The Party Monsters series depicts a typical N.Y. night out gone wrong.

New Work Aurel Schmidt Party Monster tee € 45:- (Sek 499:-)

Dan Colen is one of those artists who always gets maximum amount of love from both the art scene and hipster scene. He works with both sculptures & paintings, his work is based on things that are considered disgusting and unwanted. A lot of his work has been featured in Vice magazine, most of which he made together with his best friend & room mate, the late Dash Snow.

New Work Dan Colen Gum tee € 45:- (Sek 450:-)

Ryan McGinley is a photographer who takes pseudo documentary pictures of what he imagines he and his friends actually could be doing in the wilderness. besides exhibiting his work at the Guggenheim museum, the San Fransisco MoMA & the Whitney Museum of Art in N.Y. his photographs are frequently featured in Vice Magazine.

New Work Ryan McGinley Untitled tee € 45:- (Sek 499:-)

Check out more pictures of these great tee's @ caliroots.com or come by the store for a first hand look!

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