fredag 23 oktober 2009

Reigning Champ Peacoats

These fantastic peacoats from canadian brand Reigning Champ were originally released for the 2007 holiday collection, which quickly sold out at the Cali OG store. Luckily for us we managed to come across a limited number of these beauties once again. They had just been sitting in a warehouse waiting for us to collect.

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It is of course made in the super heavy, super premium cotton fleece that has made Reigning Champ the no 1 source for sweatshirts for brands like Supreme, DQM, Alife & Surrender. To top it all of the peacoat feature painted horn buttons, calf leather padded pocket openings & a very nice striped lining for the sleeves. It comes in three different colors, grey, black & navy & runs at the very formidable price of € 169:- (Sek 1699:-)

Since we only recieved a very scarce number of these, they are only available in store here @ C. for inquiries, please e-mail or

Don't sleep on these!

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