torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Rimini X This Is Modern Disco

Not only is the store filled, this weekend also offers us 2 great nights of what we swedes like to call "Skäggdisco" (translated bearded disco)

On Friday our good friends from Rimini & the This Is Modern Disco crew have invited Gothenburg based dj star Sankt Göran to play @ Tranan on Friday! Sankt Göran is one of the people behind Gothenburg club The Eye & has had his music released on the famed Bear Entertainment label. He has also done a series of re-edits under the name Västkustska Ryggdunkarsällskapet. On Saturday the very nice club Slow Blow @ Marie Laveau gets visited by none other than legendary british dj-duo Idjut Boys!

Read up on the Rimini event here

With these 2 events in mind this weekends outfit is straight on the skäggdisco-tip! click on the picture for a detailed look

Camo Bib Beanie € 45 (Sek 499:-)
LVC 1912 Sweater Coat € 179:- (Sek 1799:-)
Our Legacy Hunting Shirt € 149:- (Sek 1499:-)
Our Legacy Little Proper Collar Knit € 119 (Sek 1199:-)
Norse Projects Classic Stripe Shirt € 105:- (Sek 1099:-)
Henrik Vibskov Bauhaus Scarf € 119:- (Sek 1199:-)
LVC 501XX 1947 Guts For Garters € 189:- (Sek 1899:-)
Clarks Weaver Leather Shoes € 129:- (Sek 1299:-)

(1st person to buy the entire outfit will get a very nice gift)

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