torsdag 5 november 2009

Denim Demon News

Swedish jeans brand Denim Demon has only been around since 2006 but has already stirred up quite a commotion in the business. The Denim Demon designs pay strong hommage to their Sami heritage, for instance, all their different pieces bear sami names, the caribou deer is a key feature in many of the designs & the Jämtland colors blue, green & red are also frequently present.

Today we'd like to show you a portion of what we're stocking this fall:

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The Tråajja (which means sweater in the sami language) is a piece that takes the sami heritage furthest this season. Besides the beautiful caribou pattern & blue, green & red stripes across the chest, the collar features a custom made caribou horn button. The fabric is a 80% -20% wool- polyamide blend to prevent neps.

Denim Demon Tråajja sweater €145:- (Sek 1499:-) (on line soon)

As the name tells us, Denim Demon is really a brand that's all about jeans. The original model called Aajja after the sami word for grandpa, was Denim Demons first release. The first batch sold out in a matter of weeks. This model is easily recognized through it's many cool design features like the classy arcuate stichings, crotch rivet & the denom tail peeking out from under the right back pocket. As of this season, the Aajja is both available in the original selvage fabric & a non selvage alternative for the tighter budget.

Denim Demon Aajja selvage €120:- (Sek 1299:-)
Denim Demon Aajja no selvage €95:- (Sek 999:-)

Another new piece for us this season is the Mielke denim shirt which we recieved in one wash. We're also carrying the Juvvie model which is a 1930's inspired pair of jeans complete with cinch back and triple stitched yoke.

Get a full view of the collection over @ If you want to know more about Denim Demon check

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