lördag 7 november 2009

Kool Dj Dust - Ancient Astronauts

As we mentioned the other day our store manager David is also a part time dj & record company mogul. The second release on the Feed imprint, which David runs together with 3 friends, has just been released & we have a few copies in store!

Feed Records proudly present Kool Dj Dust's Ancient Astronauts EP. Dust himself views this record as a continuation of his very succesful release "The Disco Opera".
Besides being the legendary dj who scavenges thrift shops & flea markets for forgotten disco gems & producing music under his alter ego Daniel Savio, Kool Dj Dust was a also part of the now defunct Swedish Grammis award winning band Hundarna Från Söder

This release also feature great remixes from both Jackpot's Erik Wikström & Stockholm based proto-house act Name In Lights

Listen to snippets @ feedrecordings.com & come by the store to get your very own copy of this beautiful vinyl release for Sek 99:-

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