onsdag 11 november 2009

Rimini X This Is Modern Disco

Once again it's time for the Rimini boys to host the classic place-to-be Tranan. This time we're getting a visit from Legendary dj Gerry Rooney!

Gerry Rooney is very well known for breaking new ground in dance music together with dj Harvey by releasing re-edited disco & rock classics on their own Black Cock imprint as early as 1993.
Among his other achievements (which you can more read about here) Mr Rooney's abilities behind the decks enjoy legendary status. His eclectic dj-sets make both the girls & us trainspotting boys go absolutely wild!

As if Gerry Rooney wasn't enough reason to make a visit to Tranan this friday obligatory, We also managed to get you ridiculous prices in the bar!!

Rimini x This Is Modern Disco
Friday 13/11
Karlbergsv. 14

listen to a couple of Gerry Rooney mixes here & here

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