torsdag 26 november 2009

Triple Works TWHR01

As we mentioned yesterday we are very excited to tell you that japanese denim company Works Corp. just delivered the first part of our order!
Works Corp. is the company behind the highly coveted Iron Heart & Triple Works brands. While Iron Heart focuses solely on extra heavy weight 21 oz denim, Triple Works is the label for the regular weight 14 oz denims.

The batch that we unpacked yesterday contained the amazing Triple Works TWHR01.

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The incredibly beautiful denim used for these jeans is made in Okoyama from hand picked extra long fibre single cropped Zimbabwe cotton, woven on vintage japanese 29" RIKI-SHOKKI looms & dyed with pure indigo. Single cropped Zimbabwe cotton is usually used for making garments of a higher class, such as fine shirts & dresses. This makes for a denim that has a quite smooth surface & a very nice sheen to it.
We are pretty confident that you won't come across anything like it.

The finished product definetely lives up to the denim specifications with a great fit & an abundance of great details such as hidden rivets, goat skin patch, selvedge button fly & belt loops stitched into the waistband for extra durability.

Triple Works TWHR01 €199:- (Sek 1999:-)

Available in store now & on line shortly at our new "C" store section

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