tisdag 3 november 2009

Vans Vault Chukka Peacoat LX

Just as the peacoat is one of the key items for the colder season, the classic Vans model Chukka is a autumn favourite for many of us. Vans Vault are on the same level & has released a Chukka that play on the design features that make up a peacoat with a wool upper & anchor buttons. To keep with the marine theme, they also feature the original deck sole.

We just recieved two different colors, Grey & Navy:

click picture for full size
Vans Vault Chukka Peacoat LX in grey €125:- (Sek 1299:-)

Vans Vault Chukka Peacoat LX in navy €125:- (Sek 1299:-)

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