torsdag 10 december 2009

Loake Shoemakers

Loake is a british shoe company that has been around since 1880, when the three Loake brothers started their shoe factory with the goal to make the most handsome, comfortable & long lasting shoes possible. Loake is famous for their good year welted footwear, a very complex construction that takes up to eight weeks and involves about 200 different operations before the shoes are complete.

We recieved three different models from Loake's 1880 line, which is a heritage line that is made using traditional methods & materials dating back to when the company first started.

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Loake Savoy Mahogany €209:- (Sek 2099:-)

Loake Burford 2 Tan €229:- (Sek 2299:-)

Loake Kempton Suede €199:- (Sek 1999:-)

Come by the C store for a first hand look of our Loake Shoemakers stock & visit for more details.

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  1. Love the Loakes, the tan brogues are beautiful. Hope to visit your store one day, love the blog too, keep up the good work! Please chekc out my own blog Savile Joe!