måndag 11 januari 2010

Medicom News!

As you may have noticed @ caliroots.com Medicom has delivered the first new be@rbricks of 2010.

With this first shipment we recieved the series 19 blindbox set. As always this series is comprised of 10 different 100% be@rbrick's plus a number of secret, very limited designs. You can either get 2 pieces for € 9.90 (Sek 99:-) or a full 24 piece box @ a modest € 99:- (Sek 999:-)

We also recieved the super cool Jamie Reid collabo!

Jamie Reid is a british anarchist artist who has ties to the situationist movement. His ransom note style work has become synomous with british punk rock & among some of his most well known artwork is the Sex Pistols album "Never Mind The Bollocks". This piece has been done in collaboration with japanese clothing brands Advantage Cycle & Suicommi Underground

Medicom Toy Be@rbrick Jamie Reid € 99:- (Sek 999:-)

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