tisdag 2 februari 2010

Lavenham Leisure

We just recieved our first shipment of quilted jackets from classic british brand Lavenham!

click pictures for full size
Celebrating their 40th year of business, Lavenham has been around since 1969. The company started out with producing quilted nylon horse rugs & quickly moved on to making jackets in 1972. These jackets proved very succesful & by 1990 Lavenham had gained massive popularity both within the UK & Europe. Just three years later they had started exporting to Japan.

With this shipment we recieved two models:

Lavenham Denham Rib Jacket €145 (Sek 1499:-)
This is a great versatile piece that works just as well in a more layered look as it does as a stand alone piece. It is available in beige, grey & blue (as seen in the top picture).

Lavenham Thurston Jacket €190:- (Sek 1999:-)
The Thurston is a bit longer making it an excellent piece for those colder spring days.

Lavenham Tote Bag €49:- (Sek 499:-)
We also recieved the classic Lavenham tote bag in two different classic colors

The Lavenham pieces are only available in store at the moment but will go live online shortly @ caliroots.com

For inquiries regarding Lavenham, please email cstoreconcept@gmail.com or info@caliroots.se

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