tisdag 23 februari 2010

Tanzen Unt Trinken!

Once again it's time for our monthly after work party @ the lovely Pleasant Bar!

This time we're getting a little help from the guys @ Levis Vintage Clothing, which among other things mean that David is getting company in the booth from none other than the Swedish LVC representative Nils Schéle! Besides the fact that they're both serious denim fanatics, Nils & David share a common love for those hard-to-find disco & kraut 12" vinyls that every once in a while pop up on Ebay or Discogs. Expect an evening of some of the most sought after tunes, long haired boys, bourbon, boots & of course dirty, gritty old jeans!

See you there!

Tanzen Unt Trinken!
Pleasant Bar
Kammakargatan 9
February 26
Free entrance!

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