fredag 12 mars 2010

Denim Demon Project Ware Outs pt. 3

These last couple of days we've showed you the different Denim Demon Project Ware Outs, modelled after jeans worn for six months by a selected group of sami people. Every wear, tear and stain is taken into account in these faithful reproductions.

Here's a look at the third & final Project Ware Outs jeans, modelled after Per-Henrik's pair.

Per-Henrik Bergkvist is a 32 year old hunter & carpenter specialized in doudji handicraft. Just like Jan-Åke, he lives in the tiny Jänsmässholmen village. His jeans have been through a quite an ordeal, he wore them during hunting expeditions, long hikes & motorcycle rides.

Per-Henrik was actually permitted to make an exception from the no-rinse rule, as the jeans were covered in blood & flesh after a late night slaughter during the elk hunt. Some of the blood stuck though, as you can tell by the yellow/brownish stains just above both knees. As a result of the extensive motorcycle riding, the inseams are heavily distressed. The purple coloured stains come from Per-Henrik accidentally being sprayed during the branding of the reindeer. The small hole on the right backpocket is a tell tale sign that you need to be careful when handling reindeer. It was actually pierced by the animals antlers!

All three of the Project Ware Out jeans are now available in store here @ C and will go live on line shortly @

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