onsdag 17 mars 2010

Fit of the week!

This weeks outfit is based around some of the superb Stockholm jacket (great name btw) from danish brand Wood Wood

This jacket blends together perfectly with more or less all styles of menswear clothing. In other words, we think it's a perfect addition to every mans wardrobe!

Here's a look at how to wear it the C Store way:

click pictures for full view
Norse Projects Brushed Twill 5 Panel Cap €45 (Sek 449:-)
Wood Wood Stockholm Jacket €159 (Sek 1599:-)
Wood Wood Antwerp Sweater €89 (Sek 899:-)
Steven Alan Men Rev Shirt striped €159 (Sek 1599:-)
Denim Demon Aajja Jan Åke jeans €349 (Sek 3499:-)
Red Wing Chukka Boot €199 (Sek 2199:-)

As you can tell from the links we've finally opened a new webshop exclusively for our C-Store products! browse the new site @ caliroots.com/c-store

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