torsdag 20 maj 2010

Indigofera Prima Jeans

Ever since we first saw the products from swedish brand Indigofera Prima Jeans we have been very impressed by the beautiful fabrics & the authentic look & feel of the garments.

Today Johan Söderlund from Indigofera came by the store to share some of his extreme knowledge in denim & educate us on their awesome products:

"We're always in the process of developing new fabrics, always with a specific look or garment in mind. This is kind of what Indigofera Prima Jeans is all about. For instance, when we made the Ray Unwashed, we wanted it to look like the jeans did back in the mid 70's. So we decided to use open end warp-threads for the fuzzy, characteristic & authentic look.

I've always been interested in fabrics & how they respond to the wear, tear & subsequent washings of normal everyday life. That is one of the reasons why we offer all our different denim fabrics in their unwashed state as well as offering them in a few different washes for each season. We're not trying to make fashion washes, we simply focus on what looks good actually being worn.

Our jeans are constructed using both vintage & signature stitching details. The corners of the back pockets feature our signature angled back tacks. All models feature V-stitched top stitch & raised belt loops for the nice worn in look. Our pocket linings are made using heavy duty 9 oz cotton twill. The front pocket linings are sanforized but for the back pockets we decided to use unsanforized linings for the interesting worn effect you get when washing the jeans.

Developing the right fabric is just as important for us when it comes to our tops. The Norris shirt is made using a denim inspired, japanese 3 by 1 narrow loom twill flannel-fabric. The shirt's blue checks are dyed using pure indigo which means that the fabric not only looks like denim, but will also fade over time just like a pair of jeans.

The 1930's work wear inspired Fresno jacket is made with our signature double selvage fabric 42 & features many original & vintage details such as the cuff construction, watch pocket & collar. As we did a washed version of it, we decided to use rust covered iron buttons for an authentic look & vintage feel."

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