onsdag 23 juni 2010

Studio D'Artisan Now Available Online!

The superb pieces from Studio D'Artisan which we recieved a couple of weeks ago has finally gone live online!

Our Studio D'Artisan line up for this season features:

Studio D'Artisan SD103 €249:- (Sek 2499:-)
SDA's flagship model. It is a mid rise, slim/straight model, made up of a pure indigo rope dyed 15oz right hand blue selvage denim especially designed to fade beautifully. The SD103 also features many great vintage & original details such as hidden rivets, raised belt loops & deer skin patch.

Studio D'Artisan SD003 €249:- (Sek 2499:-)
Same cut as the SD103 but made up in one of the most beautiful denim fabrics we've ever seen! The 14oz left hand purple selvage weave is quite soft to the hand and has a super nice vertical falling dye which kind of reminds me of rain. The weft threads are pretty dark making for a grimy looking greyish green fade. The SD003 also features all the vintage & original details you can expect.

Studio D'Artisan SD601-99 €199:- (Sek 1999:-)
SD601-99 is one of SDA's latest models. Designed to replicate late 1960's jeans, it is a mid rise, slim tapered model with square back pockets. The tricolor selvage denim is absolutely beautiful, it's a 14 oz, low tension, very slubby & uneven weave, guaranteeing a beautiful fade. As the denim is quite loosely woven, these make for a really nice pair of summer-jeans!

Studio D'Artisan Grey Sweat €159:- (Sek 1599:-)
This sweatshirt is traditionally woven on old fashioned, loopwheel machines. These machines are very ineffective & can only produce one meter of fabric per hour, but the outcome is astonishing! Loopwheel machines create no tension on the threads when they are woven. As a result, the finished fabric maintains the natural characteristic of the threads & is both sturdy & at the same time incredibly soft. Proudly made in Wakayama, Japan, the only place where the time consuming loopwheel machines are still operational.

NOTE: The SDA jeans that we carry are made from shrink-to-fit denim & will shrink approx. 1.5" in width & 3" in length. Please take this into consideration when choosing your size. We encourage you to wash this garment before wear

Check out Studio D'Artisan on line @ caliroots.com/c-store

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