fredag 18 juni 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend we're celebrating love here in Stockholm. On top of the royal wedding taking place just around the corner, we've got loads of lovely new items in the store!

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Some of our new items include

The Flat Head-
legendary Japanese denim brand that creates some of the most amazing & incredible garments we've ever seen.

Medicom Toy- the 1000% & 400% Spock figures are now available in store! Heat!

Studio D'Artisan- one of the first repro denim labels from Japan. Celebrating over 30 years, SDA offers meticulously refined products widely regarded as some of the worlds best.

Sebago- Sebago's Docksides model turns 40 this year! Classic & everlasting...

Stussy Deluxe- the Greensleeves collaboration is one of the most exciting releases this year!

What Goes Around Comes Around- the highly coveted Manhattan vintage store creates shirtwear with inspiration taken from classic menswear.

For inquiries regarding The Flat Head, please call us @ +46(0)8 210608 or email

Don't forget to visit us online @

Have a great weekend!

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