onsdag 22 september 2010

C-Store fit of the Week!

It is getting cold in Stockholm so today we dressed up Per in a warm comfy outfit. We like to refer to this style as a classic look with a modern twist. You got the duffel the 50s fisherman knit, Clarks and a pair of Levis with a late 40s cut, messured and detailed for the modern man of today!

Norse York Beanie Grey €35 (349Sek)

Norse Kaupang knit White €159 (1599Sek)

Our Legacy 4 pocket parka cheyebbe check €349 (3499Sek)

LVC 501 1947 Rodeo Hero Wash €179 (1799Sek)

Clarks Classic Desert Boot Sand €119 (1199Sek)

3 kommentarer:

  1. jag har köpt struporna på Naturkompaniet. http://www.naturkompaniet.se/Product/Product.aspx?id=14281


  2. Too much going on for me, dawg