onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Porter Bags Fall 2010 at C-store!

We just got the fall delivery of porter bags through the door! As always made in japan with the highest quality and functions! Everything frpm small pouches to boston bags now instore and soon online!

The Japanese bag company Porter was founded in 1962 by Yoshinda & Company. The company since then established it self as the premium bag maker in Japan. Porter always strive to make the best quality bags in finest materials and superb functionality. The bags are still made in japan as they have been since 1969. Quality is everything, come down to the store and feel the difference!

Driver Backpack €299 (2999Sek)

Tanker Backpack €249 (2499sek)

Tanker Helmet Bag €249 (2499Sek)

Tanker Briefcase Large €299 (2999Sek)

Union Tote/Backpack €199 (1999Sek)

Tanker Boston Bag €349 (3499Sek)

Tanker Waist Bag €159 (1599Sek)

Beat Multi Pouch €119 (1199 Sek)

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