torsdag 28 oktober 2010

Viberg Boot Bobcat Boot C Store Colab

Canadian brand Viberg Boots was established in 1931 & has been run by the Viberg family for three generations. Searching world wide for the finest materials available to create their hand crafted boots, Viberg maintains their reputation as one of the worlds premier boot makers. The production of a pair of Viberg boots takes so much time & effort that they can only produce around 23 pairs a day!

When we met up with their sales rep in Paris we were offered to make an exclusive design. We decided to go with the classic 6" Bobcat model & reconstructed from the ground up it using three different shades of brown leather & a beige 2021 Vibram sole which perfectly accentuates the work boot aesthetic of the shoe.

As with all Viberg boots, our 15 pairs of Bobcat's are hand made, using 218 separate steps, by the master craftsmen in the Victoria BC factory.

We are extremely proud of this collaboration!

Viberg Boot Bobcat Boot C Store Colab 499€/4999 Sek
Release date: 2010-10-29 11:00 AM (GMT +2 hours)

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