tisdag 23 november 2010

Books at C-Store!

We just recived some nice good books to the store. These are all a great read and perfect for your coffe table at home. And do not forget that books are a classic christmas gift for your family and friends that has it all?

The Cult of Fixed, 42X12: Gary Shov and Patrick Potters 192 pages documentation of the ever so popular fixed gear culture. Filled to the max withe great photos and information from all over the world. Must have for the bicycle fan. Hardcover €49 (499 Sek)

Danish Tattoing: This epic book by Jon Nordstrom about the first 60 years of last century tattoo art in Denmark, is great gift for anybody interested in tattoo art or just art in general. The 297 pages contains tons of pictures, artist and information of the golden age of tattooing between 1890s and 1960s. Soft cover €59 (599Sek)

Beauty In Decay: is a beautiful book about the art of urban exploration. In here you will find wonderfull pictures of sewers, abandoned houses, buildings in chernobyl and alot of other areas that you would never visit. The common point of all of these forgoten places is the beauty in decay thay all shows in the pictures. All words once again by Patrick Potter! 192 pages, €54 (549 sek).

Adios III: This book is a compilation of 9 cutting edge artists from Finland. You will find everything from photos to illustrations by artist such as Konsta Ojala, Mark Kuivanen and more. A perfect gift for your Art inerested friend or yourself. Take a look whats cooking art wise up in the cold north. Hard Cover, 193 Pages, €46 (459 Sek)

The Art of The LP, Classic Album Covers 1955-1995: This is a a must have book. In it you will find 100 of the best covers through the years 1955-1995. Everything is divided by theme, such as Sex, art and so on. You will find every genre and style represented! Every thinged packed in glossy pages with perfect photos and information of each cover. Book komes in a vinyl sleeve to pay homage to the classic record format. Hard Cover, 400 Pages, €39 (399 Sek)

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