onsdag 17 november 2010

Fit of the week: C-Store

This weeks outfit on Per is an update for the cold weather hitting Stockholm. Norse has made the ultimate winter jacket. Timberland gives us a boot so suited for coldness it even has a Gortex inside lining. Redwing tops everything with a pair of thick deer skin leather gloves and the warmest pendelton shirt!

Norse Tromsoe Jacket: Wool, Storm Protection System (wind and Water proof) and Riri Zippers

Norse Three Jeans: Raw Indigo

Timberland Abington Hiker boot: Goretex inner lining, Nubuck outer also comes with red laces.

Säg Raven Bag: Grey Nylon upper, Leather Bottom and made in Japan!

Redwing Leather Gloves: Black Buckskin and Thinsulate Insulation!

Norse Top Beanie: €35 (349 Sek)

Pendelton Vintage Shirt: €79 (799 Sek)

Norse Tromsoe Jacket: €399 (3999 Sek)

Säg Raven Bag €99 (999 Sek)

Norse Three Jeans: €119 (1199 Sek)

Timberland Abington Goretex Hiker : €199 (1999 Sek)

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