onsdag 1 december 2010

C-store: Winter ourfit

The weather is getting colder by the day here in Stockholm. It is time to layer up and and get warm. This weeks winter outfit on Per is a perfect mix of brands from the old world an the new, from the Rocky mountains to the streets of England.

Drakes Beanie, Scottish Wool, €49 (499 Sek)
Rocky Mountain Featherbed Freanch Satin Jacket, Heavy cotton, €599 (599 Sek)
Levis Vintage Clothing cardigan, Grey Wool, €219 (2199 Sek)
Norse Eske OD shirt, €139 (1399 Sek)
Denim Demon Baha Raw Jeans, Raw Denim, €99 (999 Sek)
Sanders Lotop Superbuck, Black Suede, €189 (1899 Sek)

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