fredag 17 december 2010

Wolverine 1000 Mile 721 LTD Boot!

This is the Wolverine 1000 mile limited edition boot. Hand made in the finest shell cordovan hide (horse hide) you can find. From Americas best tannery Horween, that has been on top of its game since 1905. The boots are limited to 1000 pairs worldwide and we have very very few. Included in the package is a cerfiticate from Wolverine and an exlusive shoe block. If you want the finest boot you will ever own. you can find it instore and online here! Yours for €649 (6499 Sek). Do not forget to take a look at the movies how these ultimate premium boots where made!

Wolverine 1000 Mile | 721LTD | Horween from Wolverine on Vimeo.

Wolverine 1000 Mile | 721LTD | Making the Boot from Wolverine on Vimeo.

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