fredag 25 februari 2011

Weekend Update

Finally Jack Frost is loosening his grip on Stockholm & on top of that it's friday and, most importantly, PAYDAY!

We've seen a ton of new releases come through the doors this week from most of our brands, including Norse Projects, Libertine Libertine, Denim Demon, Red Wing & Universal Works so the spring '11 hype is definetly on!

Here's an example of how to go out in style this weekend:

Norse Projects Hektor Cap €49 (Sek 499:-)
Universal Works Fell Jacket 249 (Sek 2499:-)
Universal Works Stadium Jacket €109 (Sek 1099:-)
Libertine Libertine Howl Shirt €119 (Sek 1199:-)
Norse Projects Os Henley €85 (Sek 849:-)
Denim Demon Aajja Selvedge €139 (Sek 1399:-)
Universal Works Seaman socks €12.50 (Sek 125:-)
Red Wing 6 Slate €249 (Sek 2499:-)

Universal Works & Libertine Libertine pieces will go live online shortly @

Have a great weekend!

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  1. hej! får ni in hektor-kepsen på nätet igen?? min är alldeles solblekt och smutsig så jag MÅSTE ha en ny