fredag 11 mars 2011

Name In Lights exclusive Muslim Disco Mix

Today we are launching the first in a series of original mixtapes exclusively released to us at C Store. This mix is by Stockholm based dj-trio Name In Lights. The mix is awesome & we're super excited over this new edition to our store!
With only a couple of remixes & one original 12" single released on their own label FEED, Name In Lights have already stirred up quite a commotion.With releases scheduled on both NYC label Wurst & UK label Under The Shade later this year, Name In Lights are definetly starting to gain international reputation & recognition. Remember where you heard them first!

The mix showcases the latest release on FEED from Emir Krkic's MUSLIM DISCO CLUB

KM Editions: Arabe Discotheque (KM Editions2)
Les Negresses Vertes: The Fly (Zombi La Mouche Club mix) (Mute)
Session Victim: Time To Let You Know (Delusions Of Grandeur)
Margaret Singana: Pass The Calabash - NIL Edit on the Fly (unreleased)
Basso: Burning (Blackdisco)
Charanjit Sigh: Raga Madhuvanti - Wrong speed (Bombay Connection)
José Manuel: Ballo Di Sgualdrine - Soft Rocks Remix (Black Pepper)
John Talabot: La Ninya - Afrodub Version (Permanent Vacation)
Muslim Disco Club: A Thousand And One Night (FEED)
Midnight Savari: Phantom Galacton (Death Strobe)
Toomy Disco: A Girl Called Zara (So Sound)
No Smoke: Koro Koro (Profile)
Tornado Wallace: Twirl & The Beanstalk (Delusions Of Grandeur)
Sabo: Artistiya - Edit (Sol Selectas)
Balkan Beat Box: Adir Adirim - Nickodemus Remix (Wonderwheel)
Muslim Disco Club: Dance Infidel Dance - Name In Lights Remix (FEED)
Ahmed Fakaroun: Love Words (Celluliod)

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