torsdag 26 maj 2011

Baxter Of California Eau De Cologne

Taking cue from the early 1970's, eau de cologne was reintroduced to Baxter of California in 2009. Bravado 2 & Bravado 3 are the first from the brand since the original Bravado was defunct in 2000 after staying within the line for almost 30 years.

Advert for the original Bravado. Described as "A little lemon, a little lime, a little spice"

Just as with the candles, BoC engaged Marc Atlan to create exquisite package designs for the new fragrances. Unlike traditional box packaging, Atlan stayed away from using ink or glue. Instead, he created a bold study in contrasts by using a dense and intricate explosion of splatters, sprays & drips in foil application.

“The packaging is unapologetic, radical & absolutely masculine,” says Atlan.

Bravado 2 is a very modern, light & sophisticated scent, designed to fringe on unisex. Features notes of citrus, lemon, mandarin, basil, light florals, cypress & soft vanilla musk.
Baxter Of California Bravado 2 Cologne € 79 (SEK 799:-)

Equally light & sophisticated but a little less sweet, the Bravado 3 offers notes of citrus, bergamot, mandarin, white florals, lavender, nutmeg & woody musk.Baxter Of California Bravado 3 € 79 (SEK 799:-)

Both of the new Bravado colognes are now available for purchase both in store & on line @ the C Store.

View our full line up of Baxter Of California products online @

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