torsdag 5 maj 2011

Fit of the Week!

We've had a few rainy days this week in Stockholm, so we decided to base this weeks outfit on the Norse Projects 2-tone rainjacket, which they have created in collaboration with classic Danish rainwear company Elka Regntøj.

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Pairing the jacket up with some of the latest arrivals from Levi's Vintage Clothing, the classic Sanders Jack model with the quintessential red brick soles & the superb Our Legacy 1990's Button Down shirt, it all boils down to a great everyday outfit that feels both timeless & at the same time contemporary cool.

Norse x Elka 2 Tone jacket Navy/Green €165 (SEK 1649:-)
LVC Crew Sweatshirt Surfer Red €119 (SEK 1199:-)
Our Legacy 1990's BD Shirt Ethnic Paint €149 (SEK 1499:-)
LVC 1967 505 Mid Vees €179 (SEK 1799:-)
Universal Works Seaboot Sock €12.50 (SEK 125:-)
Sanders Jack Suede Green €219 (SEK 2199:-)

The new LVC & Sanders pieces will go live online shortly.

At the moment Our Legacy is only available in store at our C Store retail space on Regeringsgatan 77. For inquiries regarding Our Legacy, please call us @ +46 (0)8 210608 or send us an email,

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