fredag 17 juni 2011

LVC restocks

We've just recieved a restock of three of our favourite rigid models from Levis Vintage Clothing! Echoing the time honoured traditions of the Levi's brand, LVC rigid denims are artisanaly produced to perfectly mimic the originals.

The post-war 501 is regarded as the definite five pocket jean & the quintessential 501 model. During the war Levi's 501's had been in short supply & by 1947 the highly sought after jeans was finally restored, but with some adjustments still seen in the pant today. The cinch back, crotch rivet & suspender buttons were removed for good, the arcuate was now stitched with a twin needle instead of being single stitched & the original zinc buttons & copper rivets enjoyed a comeback. It is an awesome versatile straight cut, made in the USA of the finest Cone Mills 12.5 oz shrink-to-fit red selvage denim.

LVC 1947 501 rigid €249 (SEK 2499:-)

The 1967 505 is a classic iconic 1960's design. It is a slimmer pant made from pre-shrunk denim that perfectly captured the trend of the day. A garment adopted by youth culture, the 505's became a wardrobe staple for everyone from the mods & skinheads in Europe to the hippie-kids in the USA. One of the last Levi's jeans to bare the two-sided big E tab & the copper waistband button, the 1967 505 remains hugely popular today.

LVC 1967 505 rigid €149 (SEK 1499:-)

1954 was the first year Levi's made their famous model with a zipper fly, aptly named 501Z. This model was launched along side the regular button fly version to better meet the demands of east coast customers, who weren't accustomed to the rugged button fly jeans of the west. It is a USA made classic, slimmer & tapered 1950's cut, done up in 13.75 oz Red listed shrink-to-fit selvage denim from Cone Mills.

LVC 1954 501Z Rigid €249 (SEK 2499:-)

Come by the store to check out these & more garments from Levi's Vintage Clothing, or check them out online @

Have a great weekend!

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