tisdag 12 juli 2011

Bill Brewster excl. Pre Season Optimist mix

The fourth mixtape in our series offers DJ historian Bill Brewster!

Bill Brewster has been djing since the late 1980's. Originally from the UK, Bill moved to NYC in the early 90's to run DMC's US operation.
Picture courtesy of work:ethic

Bill is also a writer & has co-written the "Last night a DJ saved my life", "How To DJ (Properly)" & "The Record Players" books & runs the djhistory.com website together with Frank Broughton.
The mix, entitled Pre Season Optimist, offers a mix of cool super rare & hard to find records. Awesome nigerian funk, trippy dub disco, library grooves & other funky greatness. Just the thing you'd expect from the originator of djhistory.com!
If you want to know more about Bill Brewster, read up on him @ http://work-ethic.net/features/bill-brewster

Tracklist unavailable

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