tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Another Shirt Please

As you may have noticed we recieved our first delivery from up & coming Swedish brand Another Shirt Please. Just as the name implies A.S.P. strives to create simplistic shirts with the best possible quality & attention to detail.

The philosophy behind Another Shirt Please is simple; Using the brands low key designs as a canvas, the wearer can easily project their own style on to these perfect wardrobe staples.

Crafted from the finest Italian fabrics, the A.S.P. shirts come in three different fits; The 201, which is their slimmest fit, the 101 which is a slimmed down regular cut & the 102 which is a nice, easily worn over sized cut.

Confident that their shirts will become your absolute favourite, Another Shirt Please is ment to be worn & washed, with natural fabrics that evolves & ages over time.

Yesterday Another Shirt Please released a new look book video showcasing their A/W 2011 collection:

Check out our selection of these fine shirts both instore & online @ caliroots.com/c-store

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