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Berlin trip pt.1 Bread & Butter

Last month we went to Berlin for a couple of days to check the BBB, Capsule & SEEK tradeshows. We met up with a lot of old friends, made some new connections & placed some great orders.

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Today we're giving you a look inside the Bread & Butter Berlin show, situated in the historical Tempelhof airport.

Our first stop was with Nils & Viktor who showed us Levi's Vintage Clothing & Levi's Made & Crafted. Both brands displayed very impressive collections as always.

Cool miniature versions of the LVC S/S 12 collection on display

LVC S/S 12 womens wear

The LVC S/S 12 collection is split into two different sections, "Cone" which draws inspiration from a 1939 film by H.Lee Waters that perfectly captures the spirit & character of the workers at the legendary Greensboro White Oak plant. A hard working, denim clad cotton textile community.

Viktor pointing out some of his personal favourites in the collection

"The Pack" which the second part of the collection is called, is inspired by the post-war youth culture revolution & the transition of denim (which was seen as a work wear fabric) & white T-shirts (solely used as an underwear garment until this time) into the fashionable clothing still used to this day.

Explaining the story behind the seasons LVC collection

Inspiring displays

The Levi's Made & Crafted S/S 12 collection finds its inspiriation in a classic 1968 Levi's catalogue.

Everything looked terrific with great pastel colors & cool overdyed camo pieces & some of the most beautiful Japanese & Italian denim & shirt fabrics.

Great looking jackets & solid tote bags

Fantastic colorways

Burnt olive wood buttons on wonderful Japanese shirt fabric

The cafeteria at L.O.C.K. BBB

Thomas discussing a second collab with Brett Viberg

Our next stop was with classic British shoe brand Grenson. Dating back to 1866, Grenson is one of the last remaining shoe brands still producing all their shoes in Northhamptonshire, England.

In later years the brand has reinvented some of their classic good year welted styles using heavier soles from Vibram & Dainite. All created with the finest materials, such as beautiful C.F Steads suede.

Beautiful brogues made with C.F. Steads suede & Vibram soles

Hard wearing leather lined canvas shoe with brick colored Dainite soles

For S/S 12 Grenson caters to a wide range of customers offering both some experimental & up to date styles & colorways, as well as classic English brown & black leather shoes.

Great colorways for the upcoming spring

A shoe the we particularily fell in love with is this super cool saddle shoe.

Crafted from classic premium shoemaking materials & built up on a great chunky Vibram sole, the shoe perfectly puts together a traditional british & fashionable japanese look. A winner that looks even better being worn!

Can't wait for this one to drop!

Giant installations at BBB

Our third stop was with classic Bretagne brand Armor Lux.

For the upcoming spring season the brand has created their classic stripe shirts in a much bigger range of colorways than previously.

The Armor Lux sales rep showing us one of his favourite new colorways

Nicely displayed breton shirts

Armor Lux apparel is still produced in their own factory in France, put together using wonderfully soft combed cotton jersey & heavy weight wool knits.

Among the great pieces from Armor Lux was their new heritage line that pays homage to the roots of naval garments. The shirt seen below is a replica of such a garment; When sails were getting too worn out to use for their original purpose, sailors used have them cut into simple shirts & pants, creating rugged & hard wearing clothing perfect for a life at sea.

Armor Lux Heritage Collection

Andreas & Thomas placing an order with Armor Lux

A familiar face?

Johnson Woolen Mills of Vermont

Super looked really good

After a intense, long & very hot day at BBB, an icecold beer has never tasted better than it did with Johan from Pointer. Thanks a lot Johan!

Check back for the next post covering our second day in Berlin, when we visited the Capsule & SEEK tradeshows!

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