onsdag 7 september 2011

Denim Demon x Kero

Celebrating their sami heritage, Swedish brand Denim Demon has teamed up with the artisans at Kero to create a capsule collection of leather accessories, crafted from the finest vegetable tanned reindeer- & cowhides.

The collection consists of a pair of beak boots, a shoe traditionally used by the sami's of Lapland, updated using Vibram soles & lower toe box to fit the standards of the modern, urban man. A fantastic Denim Demon version of the classic Kero Råstojaure rucksack, created using Denim Demon's custom 15.5 oz Jämtland selvage denim & geniune reindeer horn buttons, and a medium sized pouch constructed using buttery soft bark tanned reindeer leather & the same denim & horn buttons as the rucksack.

Expect these fine pieces to drop both in store & online @ caliroots.com/c-store within the next few days!

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