torsdag 8 september 2011

Soon to drop - Heritage Research

As you may come to expect, this is the time of year when our brands have begun delivering their fall collections to us here at C Store. Among them is Heritage Research, a brand that specializes in reproducing mens wear classic with an attention to detail that's so extreme it borders on being autistic. All garments are meticulously made by hand under one roof in the U.K. using only the finest British & Japanese fabrics, specifically woven for Heritage Research.

This season the collection is divided into two sections, one inspired by JFK's impeccable sense of style & the other by mountain man John 'Liver Eating' Johnson's rugged appearance. Though these two may seem like total opposites, the different aesthetics blend effortlessly to create the signature Heritage Research look.

Here's a few images from the Heritage Research lookbook to let you know what to expect:

View the full look book at the Heritage Research website

Expect the Heritage Research fall line to be available soon both in store & online @

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