torsdag 6 oktober 2011

Japan Blue now available at C Store!

Today we have recieved our first shipment of denims from Japanese label JAPAN BLUE.

A subsidiary of the Rampuya brand, Japan Blue is a sister label of Momotaro Jeans & deals in some of the finest Japanese made denims. Where Momotaro bases their designs on the traditional & vintage, Japan Blue sets out with the innovative goal of creating a more fashion minded product in terms of fit & fabric choices, yet still utilizing the artisanal know-how & methods of production synonymous with Rampuya.

The results are some perfectly crafted pairs of jeans, created using signature selvage denim traditionally dyed & woven on vintage shuttle looms & sewn on vintage Union Special machines. This meticulous attention to quality & detail is matched by the carefully designed cuts, which are some of the best fitting we've seen! Even the flashers & tags are something extra, Japan Blue uses vintage style Japanese washi paper for the flasher & traditional Hanafuda playing cards for the price tags on some of their models. All this offered at a price point we never thought possible!

For fall/winter 2011 we're stocking the 0700SP, which is produced in collaboration with Momotaro & JB0701 which is an original Japan Blue model, but carries a white cowhide patch with Momotaro branding on it, signalling the close relationship between the two brands.

The collaboration 0700SP model is a skinny fit straight cut created using a beautiful 14.8 oz selvage denim & features detailing synonymous with Momotaro, such as epynomous white line printed right back pocket, the pink contrast inseam stitchings, Momotaro branded rivets & buttons & of course the classic peach-boy cowhide leather patch.

Japan Blue 0700SP €159/SEK 1599:-

The JB0701 is a similar fit but features signature Japan Blue donut buttons, Japanese-style Hanko stamped pocket linings & plain rivets & back pockets. Seemingly plain, the attention to detail is astonishing! These also come with the special washi paper flasher & Hanafuda-style price-tags. Made up in the amazing quality 14.8 oz selvage denim these jeans are sure to fade in the most remarkable way!

Japan Blue JB0701 €159/SEK 1599:-

These fine denims are now readily availabe at our C Store retail space in Stockholm & will soon go live online @

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