fredag 25 november 2011

Warehouse now available in store!

We just recieved our first shipment of items from legendary Japanese brand Warehouse!
Warehouse is an Osaka based brand founded in 1995 that makes clothing with obsessive attention to detail & quality. The brand is considered a holy grail brand by denim nerds & vintage connaisseurs across the globe due to their meticulously accurate reproductions of vintage garments, well tailored fits & amazing quality fabrics. 
This season we carry a selection of Warehouse T-shirts & sweats, crafted from intensely beautiful loop wheeled jersey cotton fabrics, the finest quality selvage oxford shirts, a thermal shirt put together using a highly unusual vintage style waffle knit technique & the famed 1000XX jeans which is considered one of the most authentic 1950's replicas available on the market!
Besides their own line of clothing, Warehouse also produces Nigo's new brand Human Made, The Seattle based vintage dealer Heller's Cafe's extremely faithful vintage reproductions & a an archival collection for Lee Jeans.
Warehouse is now available in store & will go live online shortly @

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