fredag 27 januari 2012

Paris Highlights

Last weekend we went to Paris to check out the (capsule) & MAN fashion fairs. As usual we had a great and inspirational time. Here's a look at some of the highlights from the shows

Momotaro & Japan Blue was looking great as usual

Awesome suiting from Mr Mark Mcnairy

Levi's Vintage Clothing showed us some amazing jersey knits

The Master-Piece bags are always a favourite

This was something I found really interesting. Enviromentally conscious brand TWOTHIRDS have put together water soluble plastic bags that they wrap their clothing in. After only a day the plastic completely breaks down & dissolves.

British/Japanese denim brand Allevol had some great collaborations going on with Japanese shirt makers Sunny Sports & accesory brand The Superior Labor

Kitsuné Tee is evolving nicely, continuing the collaboration with Swedish/French grafitti-artist André & also working together with New Era on a couple of really cool hats. Personally I really love the shoes too!

Perks And Mini was a little less loud than usual yet still maintaining the typical PAM look. I particularily liked the flannels & the New Zealandic wool knitwear 

Next stop is Copenhagen, check back soon for a blog on what we've seen there!

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