fredag 9 mars 2012

Fulast exclusive "Trötta Steg" Mix

The 6th installment of our C Store Music Mix comes from Berlin-based dj-duo Fulast!
Originally from Malmö, Sweden, Johan Påhlman & Niklas Stanik moved to Berlin in 2010 and has since dj'ed at clubs such as Farbfernseher, Sur Wilden Renate & enjoys a residency at the club Loop Hole. Fulast recently played Stockholm club Under Bron & are coming back to our fair city again on April 6 to play the classic 2:35:1 club at Berns Salonger.
We became aware of Fulast with their fantastic "Havet är Djupt" mix which gave them a spot in the line up at the 2010 edition of famed Techno Festival "Secret Island"
Besides their DJ carrier, Fulast keeps themselves busy in the studio producing beautifully intelligent house & techno with a dubby touch. Their most recent work is a remix of the Fredrik Horst track Drain, released on new label Fonografiska.
We're proud to present you with the duo's "Trötta Steg" mix, a seamless blend of Fulast trademark musical style.
The Perfect soundtrack to kick of the weekend!

01. Smallpeople - Little River (Smallville)
02. Deep Hope - Fleeting Happiness (FM Digital)
03. Paulo Olarte - Steps (Galaktika Records)
04. Julius Steinhoff - Out In The Woods (Geography Records)
05. The Selph - The Eye Of Silence (Amam)
06. Sello - My Detroit (Neovinyl Recordings)
07. Jamahr - 14th Avenue (Urbansound Records)
08. D Play - Klick Klick (Mild Pitch)
09. Viadrina - Luna (Your Mama's Friend)
10. Matthias Vogt - World Needs Its Dreamers (Large Music)

Read up on Fulast at Facebook, Resident AdvisorSoundcloud & Fonografiska

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