onsdag 30 maj 2012

C Store x Sandqvist x Ekstedt 2nd Collection!

Continuing on from our successful collaboration with Swedish accesory makers Sandqvist and master chef Niklas Ekstedt, this season we have decided to create a new version of the apron from last christmas!
This time resulting in four different, barbeque inspired colorways, the aprons are produced in heavyweight Sandqvist cotton canvas and come equipped with with two premium leather grill-tool holders, adjustable leather straps and a booklet containing Chef Ekstedt's best tips on how to grill to perfection, plus a number of recipies that will make your barbeque rock!
To celebrate this great release, we're throwing a barbeque-party tomorrow night in the store! Starting at 18:00 CET, you can expect a night of, drinks, music and deliciously barbequed treats courtesy of Niklas Ekstedt's celebrated 1900 restaurant! RSVP and more info @ Facebook

Get a preview of these fine products online at caliroots.com.

See you tomorrow night!

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