onsdag 16 maj 2012

Ebbets Field Flannels

Today we have recieved our first batch of the classic reproduction baseball hats from Seattle based Ebbets Field!
Ebbets Field Flannels was founded in 1987 by enthusiast Jerry Cohen and is a brand that focusses on making reproductions of non-major league baseball flannels, specifically the kind worn by teams up until 1958. Ebbets Field stay true to the original garments, using original materials and manufacturing techniques. With our first shipment we recived 6 different styles, ranging from independent teams to the Cuban, International, Southern and Negro leagues, with styles dating back to the 1930's and 1940's.

To make things a little simpler, our Ebbets Field hats are exclusively made using adjustable leather straps, so you don't have to worry about sizing!

The House Of David was a religious community that started playing baseball around 1913. By 1920, the team was "barnstorming" around the country, earning money for the colony, and using the team as a way to preach to potential members. Contrary to common belief, the House Of David was not a jewish community, but considered themselves Christian Israelites and followed the faith that was originally started by Joanna Southcott in the 1600's. This cap is a reproduction of the cap that the team wore in 1935.
Ebbets Field House Of David 1935 €59/SEK 599:-

The Montreal Royals was a member of the International League from 1928 until 1960. The team's nickname was derived from the city name, which means "Mount Royal". This cap is a faithful reproduction of the 1946 Royals cap, as worn by Jackie Robinson in his explosive only year with the team.
Ebbets Field Montreal Royals 1946 €59/SEK 599:-

Joe Louis, the greatest heavyweight champion of all time, had several business ventures on the side of his boxing career, including his travelling softball team, named the "Brown Bombers". In 1940, the Joe Louis Brown Bombers wore this travel grey hat with contrast brown brim and felt application.
Ebbets Field Joe Louis Brown Bombers 1940 €59/ SEK 599:-

The Atlanta Crackers won more games than any other Southern Association team, earning them the nickname the "Yankees of the Minors". Their home stadium was the famous Ponce De Leon, where they played in this shadow-block felt lettered hat in 1939.
Ebbets Field Atlanta Crackers 1939 €59/SEK 599:-

One of the most distinguished team that played the Cuban League, the Habana Leones was the only team that played every season throughout the existence of the league and was also one of its most succesful franchises. This bright red hat with the lovely lions-tail H was used in 1940.
Ebbets Field Habana Leones 1940 €59/SEK 599:-

The New York Black Yankees were founded in Harlem and played in the Negro National League between 1932 and 1948. This cap was only worn during the 1936 season, the team opting for regular Yankees caps the rest of the time.
Ebbets Field New York Black Yankees 1936 €59/SEK 599:-

Available both in store and online now!

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