tisdag 28 augusti 2012

New arrivals - Diemme

Diemme Colac €299 / 2999 sek. 

The Colac is a new model from Diemme for this season. The upper is made of  1,4 mm Vesuvio suede from Italian tannery Conceria Mastrotto and the sole is a lightweight Vibram Moreflex. With all this put together you will get a very light and comfortable boot. 

Roccia Vet €279 / 2499 sek

Roccia Vet is a classic retro hiking boot. Also built from 1,4 mm Vesuvio suede and sits on a Vibram Newflex sole. All components are of Italian origin, handmade in Onè Di Fonte, Italy.

Only instore at the moment. Online soon!

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