fredag 26 oktober 2012

Payday Updates!

The weekend couldn't begin any better! Today is payday here in Sweden and boy do we have some outstanding new releases for you to drop the paycheck on!
Among the many news that we've recieved this week, Mr Bathing Ape stands out as one the seasons most anticipated collections! Streetwear legend Nigo and his classic Ura-Hara brand A Bathing Ape, or Bape for short, has collaborated with high fashion label United Arrows to create Mr Bathing Ape, an artisanally tailored and grown-up version of Bape. Expertly crafted in Japan using the finest materials available, such as Thomas Mason shirt fabrics, Italian wool for suiting, premium silk and super soft cashmere.
 Shop the collection now both instore and online @

This week we've also recieved the highly coveted Pharell Williams and Kate Moss books from New York publisher Rizzoli! With mighty 248 pages of Pharell and 368 pages of Kate goodness, these books are the most comprehensive biographies in to the life and careers of these superstars. Check out Rizzoli books @

Other stand-out news include new bags from Ally Capellino and classic British/Japanese brand Silas, aswell as a new delivery of Norse Projects winter jackets!

All this and much more, now available both online and instore at!

Have a nice weekend!

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